Posted by: mw23 | June 11, 2009

He set out for an adventure…

After plenty of farewell dinners, he finally said goodbye to his friends and family. Bags packed, ticket booked, job awaiting, he set out for Peru.

Of course leaving was no easy feat, there was much to do before he left, but most of all there were too many good memories and close friends to leave behind. He would have liked to stay for the summer to bask in the sun, play at the lake and just unwind from a spectacular year.

But there is an adventure to be had! Things to see and try, a language to learn and a culture to discover.  After a 13 hour journey, he arrived in Lima, the capital of Peru, over 7000 KM from his home back in Calgary, Canada.

It was dark when he arrived so he didn’t see much but he did notice a funky smell in the air. His aunt and uncle picked him up at the airport, though he hadn’t met them before, they instantly recognized each other as he walked out from the gate. It’s pretty easy to spot your bloodline when you´re in a country strikingly different from your own. They chatted on the way home as they drove along the pacific coast line. His eyes glazed over as he sat in the car observing all the different sights, sounds and scents.

It was a long trip though, and when he got to his aunt and uncle’s apartment, he couldn’t linger too much longer before he needed to rest. His mind kept racing with the same idea “I´m actually here, thousands of miles away, what was I thinking!?”. His thoughts subsided, and he dozed off.

When he woke up the next morning, feeling a bit groggy, he sluggishly moved toward the window to open the curtains. As the fabric rheeled back from side to side, a rush of light burst into the room instantly changing the dark to light. His eyes squinted, suprised with the contrast, it was already 1:30! The curtains were thick and hadn’t let any light in, though he was likely to have slept in anyway.  The long sleep had let him forget he had gone anywhere at all and so as he looked out from the window, he was suprised with what he saw. In front of him was a sprawling view of low rise structures with flat rectangular roofs, everything was in a pale tan palette. There were a couple taller buildings immediately in view, about six stories high, but even those were just concrete shells still in construction. The sight was startling, not because it broke his expectations, but startling because he had no idea what to expect! The Peruvian vista finally set in, Mike really is in South America and his peruvian adventure begins here… !



  1. Good first post ! You write very well Mike, you make this tale interesting from the very start even though many people experience this kind of things… It’s also a good idea tu use ”He” instead of ”I”. Anyway I hope you’ll enjoy !

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