Posted by: mw23 | June 11, 2009

That was then and this is Now



I have to appologise for my lack of blogging or posting pictures. Adjusting to my new Peruvian life has been bit hectic the last few weeks. I realize it’s taken me exactly 1 month (I arrived May 11th) to start this thing but hopefully it’s better late than never!

As you can imagine I’ve come accross many blog-worthy things up to this point and I’ve honestly thought about things to blog about almost on a daily basis…

But that was then and this is now! I plan to keep this “Blog” updated with stories of my daily triumphs and frustrations. I can assure you, there are always many! But because my procrastination has left a backlog of things to tell, I want to try to make weekly recaps of my first experiences to let you know what I’ve seen and experienced thus far.

First though, I’d like to start off with a feature I’d like to call “Stories from the Combi“. The Combi is part of my daily routine and usually leaves me with something to say about it on a daily basis. I think these mini stories will help make mini-blogging easier and more frequent and will provide a glimpse into my daily adventures.

Thanks to all who will read this, and I hope you enjoy!




  1. Sherry and I just read all your Peruvian blogs. They brought back LOTS of memories, the smell like garbage rotting or raw sewage, the crowds of short dark heads all the same height, the difficulty trying to get true directions instead of some lie just to give you an answer. You are SO lucky that you have Darlene and Mel to live with and have some sense of home while you learn how to get around and all the ropes; somewhere to come home to that feels like home. It is quite a challenge and a real adventure and it is an experience of a lifetime. Keep well and good luck.

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