Posted by: mw23 | June 15, 2009

Quakes and Quaker Oatmeal

¡Hola a todos!

Housekeeping: A number of perusers of my blog have asked if there’s a way



to set up auto-notify for when new posts happen. I’m pretty sure you can do this… how, I don’t entirely know. I use Firefox and google, so as far as I can tell, while on my blog there should be an RSS feed icon in the top URL bar, where you can add this as an RSS toyour own google reader. I will look into this in more detail, please feel free to send me a note if you know a good way to help set up email notifications!

On to the fun!

Peru was perilous as ever today, this morning I woke up after a third go at hitting the snooze button and stumbled around a bit before making it to the kitchen. My aunt had wonderfully made some Quaker oatmeal this morning complete with bananas and brown sugar. I also poured a glass of pineapple juice and added a teaspoon of Maca . (español) , now that I’ve researched what Maca really is, I need to clarify that the spanish Wiki is far more pro-Maca for its nutritional benefits haha. Maca comes from a jungle root in Perú that my spanish teacher (who is from Iquitos in the Jungle) suggested I take to help battle Montezumas Revenge. Hilariously enough, the english article suggests it’s best used to increase your libido …! Anyhow, I’d like to report, I’ve won the battle with Montezuma.

Back to reality, I happily munched down the warm oats and drank my maca piña and then proceeded to make a fantastic sandwich for lunch today. I made a tuna baguette with the whole nine yards, Dijon mustard, bell peppers, onions, dill pickles, cheddar cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tuna with oregano and other spices. It was a sandwich to behold. I also eagerly put a bag of banana chips and a poweraid with the lunch. Yes, they’re exactly like potato chips, just with bananas. I like to pretend they’re healthier, but the most definitely are not…

Anyhow I finished that up, and went to brush my teeth. My aunt just got into the elevator when I noticed something funny. At first I thought I was dizzy or something but then I realized the floor was shaking all around me! I stopped brushing immediately and watched everything on the bathroom counter sway back and forth. I couldn’t believe it! My first earthquake! (4.7 Richter) My next thought was “Oh crap! Don’t get into the elevator!” But my aunt was already perilously trapped in the deathbox. She survived, and so did I. I then headed for the combi and off to work.

I forgot my sandwich, banana chips and poweraid.

~ Just another day in the danger zone



  1. Banana Chips are bad for you? Crap, no wonder I’m a fatty.

  2. You should have experienced the 8,8° Richter earthquake last February here in Chile: that was a REAL thrill (but, otherwise, life is not as adventurous here as in Peru).
    And when it is almost one year since you wrote this entry, I congratulate you for this funny and accurate blog (man, I’m wanting to go to Peru again, just from reading your sotories)

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