Posted by: mw23 | June 24, 2009

Familiar Music in an Unfamiliar Place

Clearly not a peruvian side walk... but this really conveys my message

Clearly not a peruvian side walk... but this really conveys my message

Well well I’m back at it. Only a small hiatus I promise! Sometimes I still feel like I’m blogging despite not actually doing so, I actually think about things to blog about all the time… It’s mostly how I spend my combi rides.

I figured instead of ‘needing something great to blog about’ I could just post my thoughts for the day.

I’ve started to venture out into this perilous world with a good friend of mine… named Ipod, complete with the engraving “MWW 23”, a present from my mom years long gone. This piece of technological wonder has made it with around the world with me, it’s tagged along to and fro, here and there, watched me drink bottle upon bottle of wine in Italy, camped out with me in Denmark and braved all my other perilous adventures (even to the Motherland Russia!).

From sub zero during a winter skate at sylvan to ultra violet skin scorching temperature on the Spanish coast, it’s been right there happily working away. I never imagined now it would come to save the day again in a far off land, but this time mean so much more to me. I’ve at least temporarily replaced my Peruvian loathing with sounds that have gone with me everywhere. Since turing my ipod back on, I’ve gone so many places, although places I’ve already been, they’re just as good as ever before… my memories are like scenes to one grand production and no matter where I go they’ll always come along with me!

I realized today that now while I walk down the broken, pot hole filled Peruvian side walks, I can do so with a musical swagger. Deteriorated segments of the so-called concrete are just part of the big obstacle course that is every day life. Who knew listening to familiar music in an unfamiliar place would be so liberating?




  1. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself buddy! Love your stories!

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