Posted by: mw23 | July 2, 2009

Combi Mojo & Blog Backlog

Hola compañeros,

I have a bit of a backlog of things to talk about regarding the perils of transportation in Peru.

First off, for those who read my IPOD love affair, I need to let you know I consistently forgot to bring my ipod a long with me to work since I wrote that entry… until Friday that is!

Friday June 26: I must say, that combi mojo is hard to come by.  Some days I seem to full of it, every combi in the city just cant wait for me to get on their rickety bus. There are other days, like Tuesday, where I just cant seem to catch one! I stood where I usually do and tried to hail one of the 10 combi’s flying by in the morning… each one zooming on past. My combi mojo was at an all time low, but at least I remembered my ipod again! Eventually I caught one and listened to my pseudo classical playlist on the way to work. I kept my wits through Vivaldi’s four seasons but by the time Enya popped in, she put me right to sleep. I woke up in an unknown land with streets and parks I’d never seen before. I sluggishly murmured to the cobrador “Donde esta La Molina?” he replied, “Ya pasé!!” then he banged on the door and told me to jump out. I did a 360 pivot on the spot to get my barrings, I had no idea where I had ended up, only that it was 8:30 and I WOULD have been to work on time had I got off at La Molina Avenue! It worked out,  I caught another combi and got to work by 8:45.

Monday was a national holiday in Peru. I went to the coast to tour the Lacomar with my aunt. They have a sizeable robotic elephant that walks on its own for kids to try… have you ever seen something like that before, un believable! Anyhow, we had suhi and drank ample amounts of Pisco Sour.

Tuesday: There was a city wide transportation strike and there wasn’t a combi in sight in the morning. Even cabs were scarce but I managed to grab one. He charged 20 soles ($8)  to get to La Molina. I was already late so I jumped in. I ended up at work at 8:20 and José didnt get to the office until 8:45 so I had to wait outside. I opted for stretching and practicing Taekwon-Do in the park. Great stuff!

Wednesday: Took a taxi again, my combi mojo was quite weak again, and the Taxi driver (Señor Santiago) only charged 12 soles ($4.50) so I said sure. We had a healthy chat about things on the way to work and I’m beginning to get the idea my spanish is making significant improvements! I got to work at 8:20 again, and I’ve started to wonder if my overall quality of life would improve dramatically by taking a taxi every morning… spending 2.5hr every day in a Combi tends to suck the soul out of a guy. Stay posted, I may take this up as a habit. I have Santiago’s number and may schedule morning rides with him!

Thursday (Today): Opted for the combi again. And again, I passed out but to a Russian band called Notwist instead of Enya haha. I awoke to the cobrador pushing on my arm telling me to get out of the combi again. I was having a bad flashback at this point but there was something different about this time. The combi was stopped on the side of the road and he was telling everyone to get out. Did I mention that this combi was noticeably MORE decrepit than the standard issue? Seems like thursdays are bad days for my combi mojo, last thursday we had to stop every 10 min to close the back door that kept flying open while driving. Anyhow, I had heard that the combi kicks everyone out from time to time, but this was a first for me. It was fairly smooth, we all caught another combi and went back on course.

Not sure why I insist on blogging my transportation woes, but they really form a big part of a guys life… considering he spends at least 2 hours every day in transport. I need a new solution!

PS: I have some new blog-ideas in the works. A new feature called “It’s Peruvian, it’s the best” will be launched soon. AND I’ve posted pictures on facebook! Stay posted, Perilous Peru wont disappoint!



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