Posted by: mw23 | July 7, 2009


No, you are not hallucinating. I actually posted pictures. Many have seen these already on Facebook, but for the less avid users, you can find the albums via the links below (even if you don’t use Facebook).


Downtown Lima

A day with Mark and Denise in the heart of Lima.

We also went to the up the hillside to catch the view from the top. To the SouthWest: Lima, to the NorthEast: Shanty Town.

Also, I got ripped off by the hut at the top, she gave me a warm water with a cracked seal… haha great day in Lima!

Location: Lima, Perú

Work & Home in Lima

Castalia Communications, Latin America regional distributor of BBC World News my work

and Lima my … current home.

Location: Miraflores, La Molina – Lima, Perú

Lima Fish Market

Went for a true Peruvian experience. Denise’s family invited me over and I went for an EARLY morning trip with Mark and her dad to the fish market 8AM Sunday morning.

The market it out in a shady area of town, very unique experience! Lots of commotion, and many sights, and smells to take in.

Food was fantastic, nothing like a good cook off from the sea.

Location: Lima, Perú

Hacienda de los Caballos Pasos

Los Caballos Pasos (Peruvian Paso Horses).

Known for their smooth ride, bred to be ridden for extended periods of time, these are the Peruvian Paso horses.

We went to a Hacienda south of Lima to experience the horses, the dancers, peruvian food and of course Pisco Sours… The picture of the horse head, was me while riding it lol.. it was exactly as novel as it sounds.

Location: Hacienda, South of Lima, Perú


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