Posted by: mw23 | August 10, 2009

Life is about mini-victories

This blogging was spured on by none other than the nasty and persistent Telemarketer (o en español, la televentadora). Yes I am at work right now, but it’s ok to take a 5 min personal victory break!

There is a long distance phone company that keeps phoning us named, Convergia. Now this week both Miguel and Mark are off to Brazil for a telecom tade show, so I’m king of Castalia Perú till friday.

My phone rang while I was skyping with BBC in London. Which in itself was a mini-victory. I called someone who usually never answers my calls, and she actually picked up! I really didn’t know what to do with myself at first! Needless to say I was trying to take advantage of the time and discuss as much as I could. That’s when the hard line rang and I just knew it would be Convergia!

I let it ring and ring until I finished with London on skype but for anyone who knows me, I have the damnedest time trying to stay on track with a conversation if there’s any kind of overbearing background noise. (phones ringing, pots and pans clinking, ambulances buzzing by… if these are going on while you and I are talking, I get completely lost!)

So I briskly finished with London and picked up the lan line and said, ‘Hola Castalia Communications’ ^_^

And she did her typical blab, “¿Hola, puedo hablar con señor Mark?”. I immediately asked her, “¿Está convergía, no?” and she said yes. I was just so annoyed at this point, you have to understand they’ve been calling for what seems to be every day for the last 2 months! So I cut her off while she started her sales pitch for the millionth time about how much money she wants to save us and I said, “Señora, por favvvvor… Dejar de llamarnos. No puede llamarnos cada dia. Es increible no?”.

She replied talking about how she sent an email to Mark and this and that, so I told her yes, we got your email and we will talk about it and WE will phone YOU or if absolutely necessary, call us on Friday and speak to Mark. She then understood I was really unimpressed with her pusshy telemarketing sales tactics and said, “Disculpe señor, disculpe. Le llamo al viernes.”

I hung up.  But I was really, really happy that I had a complete conversation with her in spanish. It was a spur of the moment type of thing and I’m happy to know that when in a crunch, I can say what needs to be said.

Poco a poco lo aprenderé! Little by little I’ll learn this thing!


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