Posted by: mw23 | August 22, 2009

Disaster Zone

This is the scene of a Breakfast Gone Wrong

For those who don’t know, breakfast for me is a terribly crucial part of the day. A good hearty cereal, fresh cool milk (usually skim) and often a tea or a juice. This is what gives me the energy to conquer the day. Without it, I am known to be cranky, irritable and constantly complaining about my hunger!

On Wednesday of last week I ran out of milk. Crisis obverted because I had all the time and ingredients needed to make a spur of the moment Omelet, complete with ham, veggies, and Texan hot sauce… the works! That night when I got home from work, I whisked off to the Wong to do a little shopping, get some tea, lunch items and of course milk! (Thankfully my shopping was not accompanied by the ‘Happy Birthday Song’)

Sometimes I wish I had a camera with me at all times. In Peru, you have two choices usually. Do you want your non-refrigerated milk canned in a 6-pack or in a disconcerting bag? Sorry for the few who caught my ‘bag-o-milk’ status update on FB the day of, but hopefully this post provides a minute of entertainment none-the-less.

Milk is a funny thing, if you think about it too hard, it really isn’t our most appetizing tradition. But that’s why its presenation and delivery are so important. The thought using a can opener to pour milk into my cereal bowl really doesn’t float my boat. Thankfully, my aunt usually buys ‘light’ bag-o-milk packets which oddly enough taste close to normal. When I hit the milk isle in the supermarket I spent a good 10 min perusing each type available. To my dismay, I couldn’t find the kind she usually picks up!

I had to make a rash decision and I had rationalized to myself that ‘Leche Evaporada’ might actually be the closest thing to skim milk on the shelf. I was desperately trying to avoid picking up whole milk… the prospect of plopping that gulag into my cereal bowl was repulsive!

When I woke up Thursday morning and was rushing to skedaddle out of the house, I snipped the top off from the bag I had refrigerated the night before and poured it into the milk jug. My world instantly came crashing down and… it needed to be documented. The scent made me gag! It smelled like some kind of funky cheese and had a pale yellow tint to it.

Long story short, I captured my sentiment via a 5 min photo shoot which includes a note to our maid pleading for her to please purchase the milk that my aunt normally buys, culminating into frowny face. I think I should mention that amidst doing the lightning preparations for the shoot, I had started to dash through the kitchen to get my camera and I had to stop in my tracks and quickly devour a piece of bred. I’m not sure if it was the hunger or the lingering scent of the evaporated milk, but I almost had to puke in the sink…

This, unsurprisingly, was just another day in Perilous Peru.


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