Posted by: mw23 | October 4, 2009

Best disco in town: Lurigancho Prison



If someone asked you where the most dangerous night club on earth is, you might start by looking for the world’s most dangerous prison.

After the paper reported a neat little fact about Peru’s most notorious San Juan de Lurigancho prison, Mark showed me a documentary he watched once about life in the danger zone (in this case, San Juan de Lurigancho penitentiary)

Could you imagine it would be like if you let all the ex mob bosses, gang leaders and drug traffickers run their own prison? The result is a sub-human anarchy where the rules of life are drastically different from anything you could imagine.

I’m not sure I could have quite imagined what the result would actually be like. I’ll let the video documentary do the work of telling that story, but it’s nothing short of shocking to see. Poverty within poverty, hate and worse hate, murderers killing murderers and far far worse.

If words like destitution, anarchy, and …..

Holy crap!!!! I know I was on a roll but i just about lost my lunch!

I was typing away when I turned to my side to flip on the light (it’s 7PM and pitch black outside) and next thing I knew a toonie sized gangly looking evil death spider jumped at me! I almost did a backwards somersault over the couch as I was scrambling for safety!  CRAP It’s going to take at least a month before I sleep well again… paranoia is a terrible affliction.

Back to the task at hand… watch this video, it will blow your mind away! FYI the first 23 min are about another unbelievable prison in Mexico, and though horrible I think i’d have to say Lurigancho is worse. Couldn’t find a video of just peru so if you want to skip the Mexico bit, skip to about minute 23 to get to the start of the Lurigancho profile.




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