Posted by: mw23 | October 21, 2009

Danger Zone: Gunshots in da hood

Bad boy bad boy... in Peru their gunna shoot at you.

Guest Blogger:Erin Conboy

[7:33:41 PM] Erin Conboy: So I just went for a run by your apartment, and on my way back to my place I slowed down to stop at the intersection of Panama and Ricardo Palma… and I heard two gun shots! Then a shady man with a backpack sprinted directly by me!! ¬°Que divertido!

[7:35:43 PM] Erin Conboy: He and another guy robbed a car around the corner. The police supposedly got the guy that ran the direction of my house on but the other that ran by me is still at large…

[7:35:44 PM] Erin Conboy: When I went to the lavanderia about 30 mins later the
watchman told me it was the police who had shot twice up in the air as a warning.

[7:36:46 PM] Mike Woronuk: I’m speechless.

[7:39:55 PM] Erin Conboy: Just a warning… Peru is as perilous as ever!



  1. That’s what life is all about.

  2. wau , yo he vivido toda mi vida aqui en Peru y nunca me ha pasado nada .
    Creo que eso ya depende de las zonas por las que uno para.

  3. traduction:
    wau, I have lived all my life here in Peru and I have never happened.
    I think it’s up areas by one to

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