Posted by: mw23 | January 26, 2010

He got started on the wrong foot…

Peru, Land of Adventure

You know a cab driver once ranted on and on to me about how so many Latino doctors, nurses and engineers are working in North America in lesser positions…

Saturday, Jan. 23 2010 Peruvian doctors amputated the wrong foot, but at least they got the right man. He’s now lost both feet in what I might call the tragedy of needing medical attention in Perú.

This doesn’t come as a terrible shock to me, but it was most certainly terribly shocking to this unfortunate man.



  1. “No se gana pero se goza!”

  2. ouch. haha! now that would suck.

    one more reason to love peru <3!

  3. Ci, les Espagnoles es molto grande. Mui pantalons es aqua minerale.


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