Why is Mike in Peru?

After completing my Bachelor of Commerce in International Business, I wanted to work on my Spanish, and gain some international experience. I set out to find a job in South America and landed an opportunity with a television media company representing BBC World News in Latin America.

On May 11th, 2009, I set out for Lima, Peru… and the rest is history in-action!

My official title:

Mike Woronuk
Sales and Marketing Executive, South America
Castalia Communications

In Peru, Castalia’s business focuses on BBC World News but we also represent a few other content sources including Purescreens, EPI (Discovery Canada) and CTV.

My specific work is pretty diverse. I’ve developed and am now executing a pan-regional marketing plan for the BBCWN channel, I work on our account management activities for over 70 BBCWN affiliates in the region and provide support on other projects too, including Adsales for BBC and Lonely Planet.

PS: All my friends and family are welcome to visit me in Peru, I’ll be missing you all!  Also, I hope you enjoy my blog, I intend for it to always be interesting, amusing and hopefully exciting enough to keep you wanting more!


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